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Level Imposter is the world's first custom Among Us map maker. It modifys the Among Us files in order to store custom assets, rooms, tasks, and sabatages. As fun as the original four maps are, we feel like giving the community the ability to create their own maps would make Among Us much more entertaining for everyone involved.


Running a Map:

  1. Close Among Us
  2. Download a Map file. Some are available here.
  3. Download and run LevelImposter.exe client here.
  4. Click "Browse" and select the you downloaded.
  5. Hit "Apply"
  6. Open an Among Us lobby under Polus
  7. Ensure all players joining are using the same map

Making a Map:

  1. Open the map editor here.
  2. Add corresponding tasks / assets / etc. using the editor tool
  3. Export to JSON file
  4. (Optional) Upload Map Json to LevelImposter Maps